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What kind pill is a 4839 v? ChaCha Answer: Acetaminophen-oxycodone hydrochloride Strength(s) 325 mg-5 mg Imprint(s) 4839 V

2011-09-19 14:13. Kusler pharmacy s staff Imagesof oxycodone Can you mix oxycontin (80 milligram) Oxycodone 4839 v mg and nitrous oxide it) (whip Bumps appear after shooting up oxycontin.

v 4839 white scored tablet Based on the description provided, I found the pill marked V 4839 to be Acetaminophen + Oxycodone hydrochloride (325 mg - 5 mg).

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oxycodone and acetaminophen (Oxycodone hydrochloride and Acetaminophen) tablet [Vintage Pharmaceuticals, LLC] CII. Rx only. DESCRIPTION. Each tablet, for oral .

This is a white round tablet, nothing on one side and a V on top and a line and then 4839. I think its a genaric percocet but would like to make sure first.

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The pill with imprint 4839 V is acetaminophen/oxycodone 325 mg-5 mg. View images and comprehensive medicine information.

i found

Oxycodone 4839 v mg

this white round scored pill on the top of the score it says 4839 and on the bottom it says V, just want to know if this pill is a percacet 5mg. if anyone .

Qualitest oxycodone 15mg v mallinckrodt. greatest) Last Oxycodone 4839 v mg week, I filled my usual 15mg. Yes those are 15 mg oxycodone. Mfg'd by Mallinckrodt.. What about Qualitest and .

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